“Energy Governance for Sustainable Development” (ENERGO) aims at the advancement of scientific evidence-based mutual knowledge development. The project fosters bilateral relationships, research cooperation, and long-term strategic partnership between partners from the donor and the beneficiary states. ENERGO further supports capacity building and continuous collaboration by bringing together a multi-disciplinary team of experts, from Norway and Greece, to systematically analyze common challenges and solutions.

The project addresses challenges at a national and transnational level in an inter-disciplinary approach and it extracts useful policy recommendations with regards to sustainable and inclusive energy policies in Greece and Norway through:

knowledge sharing and transfer of experiences from Norwegian to Greek actors and vice versa
✓ increased contact between professionals in the two countries, who will focus on supporting female experts and early-career researchers
✓ discussion and joint working out of strategies to solve common challenges
capacity building
✓ understanding and bridging the priorities and incentives of different stakeholders (local communities, investors, policymakers, etc.).

Implementing authority

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