The Action “GENDER-IN: Integrating Gender in interdisciplinary research” aims to promote bilateral activities between Greece and Norway by enhancing the mutual learning process between scientists and researchers in both countries on the integration of gender in research content. The activities that will take place will be online and live and will promote gender perspectives in science.

For the successful implementation of the project, the Hellenic Society of University Women (EL.E.GY.P.) as Project Promoter and, in the framework of developing bilateral cooperation, KILDEN- Knowledge Centre for Gender Balance and Gender Perspectives in Research, a National Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway, are cooperating. The project “GENDER- IN: Integrating Gender in interdisciplinary research” will build on Kilden’s expertise. Kilden has edited a publication entitled: “What is the gender dimension in research?” which contains case studies from a wide range of research fields with examples showing how the gender dimension is introduced in the respective fields. For its part, EL.E.GY.P. consists of female faculty members from all sciences, from almost all Universities in Greece. Therefore, it will be able to activate through its members the academic and research community towards the exploitation of the know-how.

In more detail, the Hellenic Society of Women University Professors (EL.E.G.Y.P.) is a nonprofit, scientific association whose main purpose is to improve the status and prestige of women in our country’s academic institutions and to highlight their scientific work and their social contribution. EL.E.G.Y.P. seeks to develop mechanisms to support women academics in their workplace, to ensure their equal participation in all bodies, committees, programmes and activities of the universities to which they belong, and to promote dialogue, teaching, and research on issues of gender, society, and science.

KILDEN– Knowledge Centre for Gender Balance and Gender Perspectives in Research is a national knowledge centre for gender perspectives and gender balance in research. It professionally independent unit administratively integrated as a part of the Research Council and operates autonomous in planning, organisation and completion of its responsibilities. Kilden promotes gender research and acts as a hub for gender researchers and all those interested in research on gender issues. It also works closely with the academic communities for gender studies in Norway and with other academic networks where gender research is carried out.

GENDER-IN will strengthen cooperation and knowledge exchange on gender mainstreaming in science between academics and researchers from Greece and Norway working in 6 different interdisciplinary research areas:

1. health, 2. culture, creativity and inclusive society, 3. civil security for society, 4. digital, industry and space, 5. climate, energy and mobility, 6. food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment.

These thematic areas are also divided within the Horizon-Europe funding programme, which is the EU’s main funding programme for research and innovation.

The objectives of the project are: (a) to enhance cooperation and knowledge exchange between academics and researchers from Greece and Norway, (b) to open cross-cultural discussions between academics, policymakers, and stakeholders on emerging issues of gender relations in the academic community of Universities and Research Centres, (c) to propose possible ways of integrating gender in interdisciplinary fields of science.

Total budget: 62.460,00€

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