The proposed project “Winds of Change” aims to produce thorough analysis; initiate discussions and a constructive dialogue between key stakeholders; and build bridges of mutual trust and collaboration on green transition and the deployment of renewable energy (RE) sources, notably offshore wind energy, for a new energy model for Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The proposal outlines a two-pronged approach: (a) a regional dimension of a connected RE production and distribution in Greece’s neighbourhood; (b) and a domestic dimension with a focused socio-economic impact on offshore wind energy power. Both strands of work will provide evidence and substantiated analysis. For the domestic Greek socio-economic impact study, it is timely in the context of the anticipated incoming regulatory framework for the transition of the energy model.

Focusing on alleviating national and local concerns of onshore wind farms in environmentally sensitive regions in Greece, the proposed socio-economic impact study will identify evidence and analysis on the introduction of offshore wind power in the energy mix for Greece. At the same time, whilst it creates evidence and analysis for offshore wind power production as part of the domestic energy mix, it enables Greece to lead an informed discussion with its neighbours on offshore wind power production for a regional RE model.

As the pandemic and the European Green Deal have shifted the focus from hydrocarbon to RE in the Eastern Mediterranean, this study aims to contribute to the identification of opportunities and risks for the successful development of a RE grid and offshore wind power farms in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Implementing entity
Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP)

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