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«Κλείνοντας» την περίοδο 2014-2021

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Integrating Gender in interdisciplinary research

The project entitled “Gender-In Integrating Gender in Interdisciplinary Research” enhances the mutual learning process between scholars and researchers in two countries (Norway and Greece) on the integration of a gender perspective in research. This task recently became a requirement of the EU funding mechanisms with the view of improving the quality of research and its excellence.
The project has worked on the 6 different interdisciplinary research areas by Horizon-Europe (Health, Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society Civil Security for Society, Digital, Industry and Space, Climate, Energy and Mobility and Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment). In the context of this, the Greek Association of Academic Women (ELEGYP) in close collaboration with were implemented the following activities:

  • Six online webinars (one for every interdisciplinary research area of Horizon-Europe) with 522 total registrations and 290 actual participants
  • Eleven live workshops in Athens and Thessaloniki with 243 registrations and 115 participants
  • One final conference at Panteion University and
  • Six reports based on the six interdisciplinary thematic areas of Horizon-Europe have been written

During the above period, to ensure the best communication dissemination of the project, the following means of communication were used from the outset:

  • Facebook:
  • E-mail: All the events of the project were communicated through the electronic account, creating a mailing list of 526 persons.

At the same time, after the end of these events, the account was used as a means of promoting other activities related to gender issues.

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