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«Κλείνοντας» την περίοδο 2014-2021

Ταμείο Διμερών Σχέσεων – Οι πρωτοβουλίες


Bilateral Fund – The initiatives



Transmissions sound art residency | photo Eva Matsigkou

Discover the Transmissions project, a unique collaboration between partners from Greece and Norway. Joining forces, Onassis Stegi and Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival organized a series of initiatives to support artists and cultural professionals in music, sound art, and contemporary dance. From educational exchanges to artistic residencies, the project aimed to bridge geographical distances and cultivate artistic connections.

At the heart of Transmissions were educational exchanges and artistic residencies, carefully crafted to inspire and empower artists and cultural professionals. University students from Oslo and Athens delved into the theme of transmission in music composition, producing six original pieces through remote collaborative workshops. Meanwhile, three music therapists enriched their practices by attending workshops and events in both Athens and Oslo, exchanging insights and techniques with counterparts.

Sound artists from Greece and Norway found common ground in the breathtaking landscapes of Syros and Vardo, immersing themselves in the sonic tapestries of remote and geographically isolated locales. Their experiences highlighted the interconnectedness of audible and inaudible pasts, enriching their artistic perspectives and fostering cross-cultural dialogue.

The project’s public art residencies in Athens and Bergen provided a platform for Greek and Norwegian artists to explore the intersection of artistic expression and public space. Engaging with local communities, these residencies sparked meaningful conversations and collaborations, leaving a lasting impact on both cities’ artistic landscapes.

Central to Transmissions’ narrative was “Pytheas Travels, “a mesmerizing co-production that transcended boundaries and captivated audiences in Athens and Oslo with its immersive audiovisual experience. With an original score by a Norwegian composer and a captivating video installation by a Greek artistic collective, “Pytheas Travels” invited audiences on a transcendent journey across seas and cultures, evoking the spirit of exploration and collaboration that defines the project.

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