Bilateral Fund: New Open Call (transferred in English)

29.11.2021 | Archive, Calls, News


This call for proposals aims to provide a widely communicated platform for project proposals and selection which have a high potential to contribute to the EEA FM 2014-2021 and of the Bilateral Fund in particular objectives and priorities by improving and strengthening the bilateral relations between Greece and Norway.
Any parts and elements of this Call including the budget as well as the terms and conditions might be modified at any time upon the decision of the Joint Committee for the Bilateral Fund-JCBF.

Modifications of the Call will be immediately communicated through our website.

Main elements and conditions
The total call budget for funding projects is €400.000. In case that additional funds will be allocated to the call, a modification of the call will be published in the same means as those of the original call publication.

The maximum grant per project is €80.000. In exceptional cases, under a well-documented justification in relation to the evaluation criteria, JCBF may examine and approve the selection of projects beyond this line.
Every project should be implemented through the partnership of at least two entities, one from Greece, one from Norway, while the participation of more entities from donor countries is encouraged. For the facilitation of implementation, the role of Project promoter is recommended for an entity based in Greece.
The projects will be financed through the Public Investments Program. The expenditure is eligible by 100% for EEA FM funding.

Eligible entities
The entities falling under the following categories may apply /participate as project promoters or partners:

The central government, regional and local authorities
 Universities, research, and scientific bodies
 Other Entities of Public Law
 Non Governmental Organisations, Chambers and Professional associations, etc
 Other competent entities actively involved in, and effectively contributing to areas and goals addressed by the project proposal
At the stage of project proposal and selection, a letter of intent by the partners of the project should be submitted with the project proposal. After selection and before the commencement of implementation, a project partnership agreement must be signed between promoters and partners of each project.


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