Water Management

Water Management

Improved environmental status in ecosystems and reduced adverse effects of pollution and other human activities

The programme addresses the need to improve the environmental status of water ecosystems by supporting the rational use of water mainly in vulnerable areas and islands. It is expected to provide drinking water to vulnerable areas and islands and technologies for water leakages in water grids. In addition, the programme will finance research studies which will provide with data and solutions for the improvement of the status of water bodies or improvement of water management. The programme also funds the Water matters awareness campaign for school children on 6 Greek islands, which highlights the water problems and the importance of improving the status of water bodies. The islands have been selected according to the projects implemented there during the previous EEA Grants funding period.


Programme objective
Improved environmental status in ecosystems and reduced adverse effects of pollution and other human activities
Programme areas
Environment and ecosystems
Programme Operator
Executive Authority of the Partnership Agreement, Environmental Sector (Ministry of Environment and Energy)
Programme Grant
Programme co-financing

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04.03.24 The “Water Matters” Team visited the island of Ios from 18-20 February and concluded the campaign’s trips to the Greek islands.
18.05.23 New website for the GR-Environment programme
31.01.23 Smart system for Leak Detection for the water supply Network of Aigio (project contract)
31.01.23 Smart integrated platform for Leak Detection of water supply network in the city of Argos (project contract)
31.01.23 Smart Leak detection network, in the water supply network of Heraklion, based on IoT technology and Knowledge (SmartLIK)(project contract)
31.01.23 Installation of an innovative desalination plant with brine and RES treatment in Alepochori of the Municipality of Mandra-Idyllia (project contract)
20.12.22 “Water matters”, a new awareness campaign to increase knowledge on the importance of the Good Water status.
01.06.22 Bilateral Relations of the Democritus University of Thrace with the Matis Research Institute in Iceland
01.06.22 Actions for the improvement of the qualitative and quantitative situation and the adaptation to the climate change of the coastal Underground Water System “Larissos” of the catchment area of Peiros-Vergas-Pinios, Northern Peloponnese Water Department
01.06.22 Delineation of saline groundwater in Zakynthos Island. Investigative monitoring and examination of artificial recharge potential as a restorative measure. Zante – Sal.
01.06.22 Assessment of Arsenic and other Contaminants in Surface and Groundwaters of Almopia Municipality, Greece_ Regional Unit of Pella
01.06.22 Electronic System Installation Location and Control of Leakages in the Internal Networks of DEΥAVA – Phase A | Crete, Chania
31.03.22 Call for proposals in the context of the EEA FM 2014-2021; Programme “Water Management”
13.12.21 Call for proposals | Programme “Water Management”
17.12.20 Call for proposals in the context of the EEA FM 2014-2021 Programme “Water Management”, entitled “Water Management Solutions Implemented‒Desalination Plants”
13.11.20 Open call for proposals (call No.2) in the context of the EEA Grants financial mechanism 2014-2021; “Water management’’ programme, entitled “Specific measures related to Greece’s programme of measures supported”

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