A Step Forward – Open Accommodation Center for women and mothers asylum seekers and their children

09.02.2021 | Press Releases

Online presentation of the project

ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8, Doctors of the World – Greece presented the project “A Step Forward”, which is implemented under the program “Asylum and Migration” and funded by the European Economic Area (EEA Grants) for Greece , with Fund Operators ΣΟΛ Crowe and HumanRights360.
The project “A Step Forward” aims to operate an Open Accommodation Center for the medium-term accommodation of vulnerable women asylum seekers and their children, with a personalized approach to the provision of services during the asylum application process. The ultimate goal of the project is to protect and support the beneficiaries during the asylum application period, ensuring quality housing standards and all the necessary services that may be needed, such as psychosocial support, legal counseling, recreational activities, health care, nutrition, security and hygiene. The project takes place in a building of Doctors of the World – Greece, in the center of Athens, where there is a large number of homeless people, but also the largest number of necessary services for the beneficiaries. The Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide quality reception facilities and support services on a daily basis. With the capacity to accommodate 44 people, a total of 175 vulnerable women asylum seekers and their children will be supported. The referral system is established in accordance with the national framework for Reception and Asylum.

The online presentation was prefaced by Ms. Hara Tziouvara, President of the Doctors of the World – Greece, who noted “The number of asylum seekers in Greece, combined with their demographic characteristics and waiting time for their application, leads us to the conclusion that the integration and protection of the most vulnerable, with alternative reception measures, is essential”. Also representing the EEA Donor Countries (EEA Grants), Mr. Frode Overland Andersen, Ambassador of Norway to Greece and Cyprus, welcomed the launch of the project stating “This important project is a tangible proof of the support the EEA Grants donor countries provide to Greece. Supporting the most vulnerable within our societies has always been a priority for us. We will continue to stand by those who need us the most. On behalf of the donors, we wish you the best in your future work”.
The presentation was also hailed by Mr. Emmanuel Logothetis, General Secretary for the Reception of Asylum Seekers, Mrs. Melina Daskalaki, Municipal Councilor and President of the Council for Integration of Immigrants and Refugees of the Municipality of Athens, Mr. Charilaos Falcetas, Chairman of the Board of ΣΟΛ Crowe and Deputy Director of “Asylum and Immigration” and “Local Development” Programs Greece, EEA Grants, 2014 – 2021, and Mr. Epamineondas Farmakis, Co-Founder, General Manager of HumanRights360 and Program Director of “Asylum and Migration” and “Local Development and Poverty Reduction” in Greece, EEA Grants, 2014 – 2021.

Watch the recorded presentation

The project “A step Forward” is being implemented under the “Asylum and Migration” programme in Greece, implemented by Doctors of the World. The “Asylum and Migration” programme in Greece, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, was awarded a total budget of 16,5 million euros as part of the EEA Grants 2014 – 2021. The program aspires to contribute to ensuring legal protection, support and care for the most vulnerable asylum seekers, with emphasis on unaccompanied children. The Fund Operator for the “Asylum and Migration” programme in Greece is SOL Consulting S.A in partnership with Human Rights 360.

For more information: https://www.asylumandmigration-eeagrants.gr

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