Inclusive football says no to racism.

 “Roma Katerini” sports club shows us the way … scoring goals against prejudice.

In recent years, major efforts have been mounted – with good results – by the Community Centre with a Roma branch and the Municipality of Katerini to stop children from dropping out of school or getting married too young. Despite the difficulties, all residents work in seasonal jobs and factories in the area, and there is zero delinquency. They may not have experienced systematic violence and racism, but their contact with non-Roma is minimal, and despite their exemplary behaviour, the other residents of Katerini view them with suspicion.

This closed and stifling ghetto is being broken open by the “Roma Katerini Sports Club,” founded only a few months ago.

It started with the local men’s love for and desire to play football, and the idea was to combine it with the openness offered by matches with other teams. The Roma Katerini team is a sports club that draws its members and players from residents of the area. Its goal is to use sports to stop prejudice, racism and violence.


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