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SOL CROWE and HumanRights360, as Fund Operator, announce a ToR call for the evaluation of the two following programmes:

Programme I: Local Development & Poverty Reduction, with a total budget of 6,500,000 EUR, aspires to contribute to the enhancement of social cohesion and the reduction of economic and social disparities.

Program II: Asylum and Migration, with a total budget of 16,500,000 EUR, aspires to contribute to ensuring legal protection, support, and care for the most vulnerable asylum seekers, with emphasis on unaccompanied children.

The Fund Operator intends to commission an external evaluator for two ex-post evaluations one for each of the two programmes with a total budget of 30.000 (including VAT). The evaluation approach should follow the 2014-2021 Results Guidelines.

Athens, 05 September 2023- 10 October 2023


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